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At Metzler Home Builders, we take great pride in all of the custom homes we build. Below you can read about some featured projects where people in search of Lancaster home builders found Metzler Home Builders and were glad they did.

Timber Frame Dream

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For years Kathy had dreamed about living in a timber frame house. The beauty of the design and the wood itself had always captivated her. Eventually, through the years of Kathy researching and talking about building a timber frame house, her husband Ralph came to love this style of home as well.

Ralph and Kathy found Metzler Home Builders through a search for Lancaster home builders, and the perfect lot on which to build their timber frame house. Metzler's then worked with them through the design / build process of their dream home. The Metzler team worked closely with Timber Frame Services Inc. to construct this unique home using their custom made timbers and structurally insulated panels (SIP Panels).

To see progress pictures, and to find out more information about Ralph & Kathy's project and the timber-frame process check out their blog at

French Country Classic

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A beautiful custom home in a secluded country setting was the vision Brian and Vicki had for their project. The main obstacle for them was finding a builder who would work with their ideas and dreams to create exactly what they wanted. They toured many model homes of different Lancaster home builders on their quest to find a company they could feel confident with. When Brian and Vicki met with Metzler Home Builders, they immediately felt comfortable sharing their ideas. They also believed their dreams and plans were being taken seriously and not being influenced by any agenda of the builder.

Moving from design to construction, another important aspect of the project for Brian and Vicki was that they could complete some of the work themselves. They decided to tackle the tile flooring in the kitchen, and were very impressed with how Metzler's were willing to work with them, and schedule other sub-contractors accordingly allowing them to complete their own work.

Brian and Vicki were thrilled that their new home was completed on exactly the end date that was scheduled. They were extremely pleased that their search for custom Lancaster home builders led them to Metzler's. Brian and Vicki were also grateful that their own workmanship was able to be part of the end product along with all the truly custom work from the Metzler team.

Custom within a Community

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Moving to the area and in search of Lancaster home builders, Kevin and Sue found a community that Metzler Home Builders was building in, The Hamlet at Bird-in-Hand. Their previous experience building a home had left them with some reservations and low expectations before their initial meeting with Metzler Home Builders. However, they quickly generated a feeling of trust and comfort when meeting with Dan and Janet Metzler to start their design / build process.

Kevin and Sue had developed their own plans for their new home and brought them to the initial meeting to review with the Metzler team. They were surprised at the level of interest and excitement that the Metzler's displayed when reviewing the plans. They also enjoyed the process of Dan Metzler making suggestions and options for enhancing their design.

As the construction process played out, they were delighted with how everything came together and were thrilled with the finished product. They were extremely pleased that their search for Lancaster home builders led them to Metzler Home Builders. Ultimately, Kevin and Sue were excited to be able to have a positive custom home building experience in a quaint community setting, and feel they received exceptional value for their dollars spent.

Read a testimonial from Kevin and Sue.