4 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Build Your Dream Home

4 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Build Your Dream Home

Spring is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and renewal. What better time to start building your dream home?

There are a few other great reasons to get going on your custom home in early spring. Find out what they are and get closer to breaking ground.

The Weather is Ideal

The best time to build a home is when the weather is cool and dry. Naturally, these conditions are common in fall and spring.

Building in summer or even winter is a different story. Weather extremes, from searing heat to bitter cold, will hamper the workers’ progress. Cold winter days especially equal less sunlight and less working hours, which means the job will take longer to get done. Additionally, in the summer, humidity can interfere with drying times for materials like cement, plaster, and paint.

Let’s not forget that winter comes with something that can set back plans for days, even weeks: snow.

Long story short: choose the spring to begin to build your dream home, and you will probably have less headaches due to weather.

You’ll Have Your Dream Home Enclosed Before the Summer Heat Hits

Once the main components are in place for your dream home build (footers/foundation, framing, windows, doors, and roof), workers can complete the interior of your home in any weather. Starting the main components in early spring means that, by the time summer arrives, the heat will not factor into or hinder the workers’ progress.

Your Custom Home Should Be Ready by the Holiday Season

What could be better than settling into your new dream home right when the holidays are approaching?

Imagine idyllic autumn mornings spent with hot coffee and a book on your new front porch. Think about cooking soups and stews in your new kitchen, and hosting parties and family gatherings in your new dining room. As the days get shorter and festive times roll around, you’ll be doubly glad that your house is ready and you and your family are nestled inside.

Every scenario you dreamed of when you were planning your new custom-built home will be even better when you’re settling in for winter and hosting your friends and family for the first time.

Spring is Perfect for Fresh Starts

What season is more suited for fresh beginnings? Spring, with its strong symbolism related to rebirth and rejuvenation, will also feel like the perfect time to start fresh, from the ground up, on your new dwelling.

After a long winter, most people feel energized come springtime, and this attitude can help push your home-building project along to completion. Start building in the spring, and watch your new home sprout from the ground and take root.

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