4 Types of De-Icing Salt for Your Home

With another bought of snow approaching next week it’s the best time to decide which de-icing salt will be best for your home. 

There are four de-icing salts available, but each have different qualities and characteristics about them.Metzler Home - 4 Types of De-Icing Salt

If the temperatures are below freezing and you are seeking excellent traction for your walkways and driveways, then Safe -T-Salt is the brand.  Thinking of making ice cream?  Safe-T-Salt is safe to use.

Calcium Chloride Pellets/Flakes gives off heat while dissolving, which speeds up the melting process.  Calcium Chloride works quickly because it attracts moisture from the surrounding area and quickly turns into a solution. It continues to be effective even when the temperatures drop below -25 °Fahrenheit.

Searching for a pet friendly product?  Blizzard Wizard is pet friendly and continues to provide an ‘ice-shield’ for upcoming storms.  It is 30% to 40% less corrosive than rock salt and delivers aggressive melting power to -20 °F.

Our last suggestion is Snow Glo.  This de-icing ‘salt’ is green-tinted, high performance that contains sodium chloride, calcium and magnesium chloride, Potassium Chloride, Urea, and CMA for faster, colder temperature melting than regular rock salt.  The purpose for the green-tint is for people to see coverage on ice and packed snow.  Minimal to no staining will occur once melted.