9 Ideas to Make Your Laundry Room More Functional

9 ideas to make your laundry room more functional text overlaid a faded washroom


Laundry rooms have come a long way from the dark, dank and lint-filled spaces of yesteryear. With so many new products on the market today, laundry rooms are the “hot” home improvement transformation. Washers and dryers are becoming high-tech (and less back-breaking), cabinetry adds function and even Fido can have his pampering place in this room.

Here are 9 design ideas to make your laundry room more functional:
  1. Dog washing station. If your four-legged friend likes to play outside, a dog washing station is a great addition, especially if your laundry room is located off an entrance. You can easily rinse down and dry off Fido’s paws before he tracks dirt into the house.
  2. Clothes drying racks. If you tend to have many garments that need to air dry, consider integrating a clothes drying rack “built in” to your laundry room design. Drying racks come in various space-saving forms, from pull-out drawers built into cabinetry design to more simple wall (and ceiling) mounts.
  3. Pull-out ironing board. For those rooms short on space, a drawer ironing board may be the right option for you, and they are easy to retrofit into budget remodels, too.laundry room with cabinets
  4. Crafting/sewing area. The laundry room can be a perfect spot to have a dedicated space for these hobbies. Anyone who’s lugged the sewing machine out to the kitchen table only to have to clean it up before dinner will appreciate the opportunity to have one spot where projects can sit out until completed.
  5. Raised washer and dryer. Lifting these front-end loading units off the floor will save your back, and with better sight lines, you may even find that lost sock! Many washers and dryers available today have the option of purchasing a raised sliding drawer that goes under the unit. If that doesn’t make sense for your space, you can always build up the area that your units are placed on; 15” or more is ideal.laundry room with sink
  6. Countertop space. Clear countertop space in the laundry room makes folding laundry right out of the dryer so much easier and efficient.
  7. Sink. If space allows, a laundry room sink is handy for soaking clothes and getting stains out, and you may find that you get more use out of this sink than you originally thought. The laundry room is a great place to wash your hands after working outdoors, or rinsing down paint brushes or other items that you’d prefer not to wash off in your kitchen sink.
  8. Additional storage/built-in hampers. There is never enough storage in your house, so maximize the laundry room walls with cabinets and drawers. If space allows, consider built-in hampers that allow you to tuck dirty laundry out of site to keep this zone clutter-free.laundry room with built in storage, sink and hangers
  9. Drop zone. If your laundry room is off an entrance and you have the space, consider building a “drop zone” into this space. Lockers, hooks and under-bench cubbies can keep your family organized as they come and go from school and activities. Additionally, if this is the primary exit point, integrating a charging zone for electronic devices and a counter for keys will come in handy, too.

Don’t automatically assume that your current laundry room space cannot accommodate the design ideas you like – you’d be surprised what you can achieve in the space you have when you work with a professional design/build team.