Project Spotlight: From Wishlist to Reality

various new home interiors & exteriors by metzler home builders Denny and Kate were in the market for a home. They had a location in mind where they wanted to live, but had trouble finding a house with the “must-haves” that they needed. After making the decision that they needed to custom build a home to get the house they wanted, they headed to the Building Industry Association of Lancaster County’s annual Spring Home Show. They talked with several different builders and found they felt the most comfortable and at ease with the family feel at the Metzler Home Builders booth. “They immediately took us seriously, asked us questions, and showed us examples of their work,” says Kate. “They even followed up the next week with a phone call to see if we wanted to get together and continue the conversation.”

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Design with a Focal Point in Mind

Any designs you create cease to exist without a definitive “focal point.”

But what is a focal point, and why is it so important in design functions? Based on the Gestalt principle, a focal point or emphasis works as the star of the room. It captures the attention of the viewer and accentuates the surroundings.

The use of “focal points” is common across all fields of design, including architecture, interiors, fashion apparel, digital transformation and even in paintings. Although overtly used, focal points are inexplicable for layman’s eye or perception. We, as humans, tend to see a picture in its unified form, where similar patterns and elements are grouped together.

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custom built farmhouse in lancaster, pa

Project Spotlight: Spacious Country Living

Dennis and Denise lived in a beautiful farmhouse in Lancaster County. As the years went by, more “suburban sprawl” was encroaching on their once inactive farmland setting and apartment houses were being built on the land bordering their property. When another complex was started nearby, they decided the time was right to build a new home on some acreage they had purchased years earlier.

Having used Metzler Home Builders to do renovations to their current residence a number of years ago and have been happy with the work that was done, Dennis and Denise called on Metzler’s to build their new home. Jordan listened to their vision for their new house, incorporated their ideas into the plan and designed the “fabulous” house that Dennis and Denise now call home. The result is a lovely, spacious 1 ½ story dwelling situated on a knob with acres of open space and a gorgeous view for miles! Continue reading


The Home Office Re-Imagined for the New Normal

2020 has changed so many things, especially how and where we work. Before this year, many of us only conducted a few hours of business a week at home. We answered emails on our smartphones or did a little work on the laptop while sitting on the couch or at the kitchen island.

McKinsey recently wrote, “…estimates suggest that early this April, 62 percent of employed Americans worked at home during the crisis, compared to about 25 percent a couple of years ago.”

With the shift in how and where we work, a new emphasis on the home office has emerged. Trying to get solid hours of work into a day sitting at the kitchen table simply doesn’t fit our needs anymore. We want a place in the home that limits distractions and is more comfortable.

If you are considering renovating your home to accommodate a home office, here are our suggested four steps.

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Barn Doors Galore

Barn doors have been trending for several years now, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. They are functional, fun and add aesthetic appeal to many spaces throughout the home. There is an endless variety of styles, making them practical for almost any home. They can be crafted from a variety of materials depending on the look you desire. For a rustic look, they can be made from reclaimed wood or if a more modern style is what you want, black matte metal and glass pair well together. Continue reading

master bathroom remodel in lancaster, pa

Project Spotlight: Master Bath Makeover

The master bathroom at Andres and Lauren’s home was in desperate need of a complete renovation. The original owner had built the bathroom with fixtures that were small and at a lower level than what Andres and Lauren preferred, which made the bathroom uncomfortable and not practical. It was also in need of a facelift.

Several homes in Andres and Lauren’s neighborhood had been built by Metzler Home Builders, and they were impressed by the beauty of the homes. They also had a personal connection with one of the family members and could vouch for the quality of the Metzler team and the work they performed. Continue reading


Kitchen Storage: Now and Later

Is it important to have an organized kitchen?

This is a question that many of us have asked—and answered—these last few months. As we adjusted to a new stay-at-home work/school environment, we have experienced just how functional our home truly is. The kitchen has long been the hub of the home. But as this space continues to be asked to do more, we are seeing how the kitchen plays a vital role in the overall health of our home’s ecosystem. And the more organized it is (based on each family’s needs), the better it functions.

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Project Spotlight: Two-Story Craftsman Style Home

Tony and Pam were looking to downsize from a larger home since three of their four children had left the nest. They had built two previous homes and liked the ability to create a space that fit their lifestyle and needs. They searched the market for a home they could purchase and renovate, but their hearts were in designing and building a custom home. Having seen some homes that Metzler Home Builders had built and having liked the craftsmanship they saw in those homes, they decided to meet to discuss building a new home. After meeting with Dan and Jordan, they knew they would enjoy the building process with the “family-like” atmosphere they found at Metzler Home Builders. Continue reading