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Building Your Custom Home – After Construction

Over the last few months, we’ve provided an overview of the process of building your custom home. You can find past articles in this series here.

design page graphic Once you’ve moved into your home, our relationship with you doesn’t end there. Our service department is available as needed to fix those “little things” that present themselves. Here’s what we mean:

It is important to remember that many different components were used to construct your home, and these materials take time to acclimatize to being part to of a new structure. During that first year of living in your home, you may notice some screw pops in the drywall or caulk joints that crack and separate where wood trim meets drywall. This is all part of the settle process.

Additionally, we are in a unique part of the country for weather extremes. Typically, there are a few days where we experience near 100 degrees in the summer and in the winter, it is quite common to see days where the temperature dips near 0. Most building materials are designed to expand and contract with the heat and cold. As lumber dries out and expands and contracts, it shifts ever so slightly which can create screw pops and caulking to crack.

While you understand that all of this is quite common, it can still be frustrating to see little imperfections in your newly build home.

Don’t worry. We’ll come back and fix all of these cosmetic issues; however, because we know that your home has to “live through” all four seasons, we’ll come back to your home in about a year’s time. We recommend that you keep track of any issues you see so when we schedule your follow-up appointment, we have a clear pictures of what needs addressed.

Finally, we provide a comprehensive one-year warranty with all our new homes, but we will continue to provide any service you need beyond the life of the warranty.

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Building Your Custom Home – Construction Begins

Considerations for building a custom home

Over the last few months, we’ve provided an overview of the process of building your custom home. You can find past articles in this series on our blog.

Once financing and the proper permits have been secured, we are ready to begin construction on your home. The first step is meeting with Janet Metzler to pick out your exterior colors and materials. She is available to assist with other selections throughout the process, too, such as kitchen and flooring materials, plumbing and lighting fixtures and paint colors. Continue reading

Building Your Custom Home – Permits & Financing


Over the last few months, we’ve provided an overview of the process of building your custom home. You can find past articles in this series on our blog.

Once your plans are finalized, it is time to apply for building permits and also to secure your construction loan financing.


As your builder, we will always handle securing the building permit, but there are other permits that are usually needed before we can do so, such as permits for sewer or septic and the driveway.

There are also situations where a stormwater management permit may be required, and the process to acquire this particular permit can take some time. In this case, if you aren’t already working with an engineering professional, we can refer one to help you through this process.

If your home is being built on a lot where more than one acre of ground will be disturbed (this includes the home, driveway, septic system and stormwater management), we’ll need to submit an additional permit with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program controls water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters. When this is the case, an engineering professional must submit drawings to be reviewed and approved, and this process can take months to complete.

No matter how quick or drawn-out the permitting process is, we’ll guide you through it. While securing additional permits can often be a process that is longer than you’d like, especially since you are excited to be building your custom home, the good news is that once we have all the other permits, applying and receiving a building permit typically only takes a few weeks. Then we can get started on moving dirt, setting the foundation and framing your house.


If you don’t already have a lender, we can help you get connected with one of our preferred lenders for financing the construction of your home. Our lenders offer a wealth of knowledge and can help our customers through the construction loan process – from understanding how it works to communicating what documents are needed to secure the loan. Your lender should be familiar with the construction loan process to make it as streamlined as possible for you.

Building your home requires a different type of loan, a construction loan, than selecting one of our homes that is already built. To get a construction loan, your lender will need the signed contract, specs and plans in order to begin, and the approval process generally takes six weeks.

With a construction loan, you secure a loan for the cost of the house, and from there, a payment schedule (called draws) is established. This means that while the house is under construction, there are set milestones when we receive payment (typically four times). The advantage to you is that while your home is under construction, you pay interest only on the amount that is drawn down – not on the full mortgage amount. When the house is complete, you settle on the entire loan, as you would on any other mortgage.

While both the permitting and financing processes are becoming a bit more challenging, we have the expertise and resources to help you through them to get your project started with the least amount of frustration and delays.

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A Truly Custom Experience, Sub-Contractors


A second story addition project where customer provided their own flooring material, and also did their own painting

When building a home or undertaking a remodeling project, you expect to have to make a variety of decisions. From design to finished detail and everything in between, the design/build process is one that comes with many selections, and from there, choices of what fits your lifestyle, tastes and budget are made.

But what might be surprising to you is that when our customers build or remodel with us, they also have an additional choice:


 They have the freedom to use subcontractors that they have an existing relationship with – instead of ours.

Recommending your subs

Most people are amazed to discover that we “allow” our customers to work with subcontractors they know and recommend because many other builders and remodelers don’t. While we certainly see the rationality behind why other builders will only work with specific subcontractors, we, on the other hand, see this customized construction experience from another perspective – through our customers’ eyes.

  • For starters, while we may be the builder, building or remodeling a home isn’t about us; it is about what our customers want for their home. Often, our customers have spent years dreaming about their perfect home, and they have chosen us to help facilitate that process. The people who choose to build or remodel with us are trusting us to listen to and design the home they have in mind. They are confident in our skills to be able to deliver their home in a safe and timely manner and make it an enjoyable experience.
  • Secondly, by “allowing” new-to-us subcontractors to work on your home, we recognize that you are verifying that the sub is legitimate and understands his craft. We know that you would not want a subcontractor working on your home that you did not trust.
  • Additionally, we fully recognize that there are many outstanding subcontractors in our area, and often we’ve even heard of these folks. We recently completed projects where one homeowner had an existing relationship with an excavator and another homeowner’s brother-in-law was a superb drywaller. And even though the subcontractors were new-to-us, both projects went just fine.
A kitchen renovation was part of this whole house remodel - and the homeowner had a kitchen cabinet contractor they wanted to work with

Timing is Everything

When working with a customer-recommended subcontractor, our biggest concern is timing of the project. We’ve made a commitment to you, our customer, that we will deliver your home by a particular date. What we have found is that professional subcontractors understand this, and they, too, want to adhere to the schedule and give the homeowner an amazing construction experience.



For all of these reasons, this is why we don’t shy away from using new-to-us subcontractors. In the end, our customers are the ones who need to be comfortable, and it is up to us to deliver an experience that is pleasant and memorable.