3 car garage with white doors attached to a hoem

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

When was the last time you thought about how your garage looks and how well it compliments your home? Garage doors can often be overlooked when people think about the exterior of their homes and how they can be improved.  Doors have come a long way in terms of styles, colors and materials used to make them.  Homeowners today have quite the selection to choose from when considering a new garage door.  Garage doors generally come in three styles – traditional, contemporary and carriage house.  They can be made from aluminum, steel, wood or a combination of materials.  They can be insulated and there is a vast variety of panel sizes to choose from.  Some people prefer windows in their doors, while others prefer doors without windows.  If you are considering a new garage door, take time to research all the options out there and decide what works best with the type of home you have.  These photos show the variety of doors our homeowners have chosen recently.  

garage-doors brown garage doors with windows on a new home built by metzler home builders garage-door-wooden