Creating Your Perfect Retreat: 7 Bathroom Design Trends to Watch in 2016

In our fast-paced, hurried lives, the bathroom has become our sanctuary – our place to unwind and find our center of balance once more.

Why are bathrooms such an ideal escape spot?  There are a number of reasons, but for many of us, it is the element of water coupled with a degree of privacy. We can soak away the day’s stress in a warm bath, or allow the water from the shower to beat away our tired, aching muscles – and within that time period when we are alone, our minds begin to quiet and our bodies come to a state of rest.

When it comes to remodeling projects in 2016, the bathroom – particularly the master bathroom – has overtaken the kitchen as the number one project planned by homeowners, according to the 2016 Houzz and Home Survey.master bathroom with soak tub and his/her vanities

Thoughtful bathroom design isn’t just important in renovations, as new home builders and designers are putting much more care and attention into the master bath to provide their buyers with the retreat they want in that space.

With this in mind, we put together our list of seven bathroom trends to watch in 2016 – to inspire you to pull together your perfect bathroom retreat.

Large Showers & Exterior Tubs

Larger master bathroom showers are still quite desirable, and two types continue to be popular – frameless showers and walk-in showers. Inside, homeowners want amenities like double shower heads, oversized rain heads, a bench and built-in cubbies to hold products.

Exterior tubs also continue to be a sought-after design element, as more interesting and decorative options come to market, such as matte-painted clay tubs with a polished porcelain finish.

Embrace Mother Earth

The integration of natural, earthy materials in the bathroom continues to be a design trend – as many ideas are gleaned from the day-spa environment. River rocks and natural stone have been go-to selection options for a few years, but wood-like floors have emerged as a viable flooring choice now that several products on the market imitate wood, such as wood-look tile flooring. This trend can create the desired look without the headache of natural wood upkeep.

Other ways that Mother Earth is being integrated into our bathrooms include designing with more natural lighting considerations (skylights and transom lighting), accenting with leafy natural plants and installing beautiful wooden cabinetry.

white themed bathroom with large Jacuzzi tub The New White

We aren’t convinced that it actually ever left, but white is definitely back in a new, softer way, thanks in part to the material used to create some of the key elements found in a bathroom. Many freestanding tubs and pedestal sinks are made with resin-based composite material which gives them a softer, matte white finish.

Additionally, white tiles have evolved with new shapes, sizes (think long profile) and textures – all of which can create a fresh, clean and sophisticated space.

Large Format Tiles

These oversized tiles are just as popular as the itty-bitty mosaic tiles from a few years go, but these come with the added benefit of creating a seamless look, which often makes a room look bigger than its actual dimensions. And because there are less grout lines between tiles, it makes them much easier to keep clean.

Artisan Tiles

The beauty lies in the imperfection of these beautiful hand-crafted tiles. Adding a few thoughtfully selected artisan tiles to a bathroom can create visual appeal – acting almost like artwork – and provide rich texture to the space.


Bathroom space planning has taken on a bigger priority as homeowners yearn for a place that is truly a retreat from life’s hustle and clutter. Adequate storage and furniture-like cabinetry continue to be important aspects of bathroom design.metallic bathroom with large walk-in shower


For the last few years, we’ve seen metal as a rising interior trend, and in 2016 we expect it only to grow – and that includes in our bathrooms. Bright and polished fixtures are being replaced with matte/satin finishes. Brushed stainless steel and brass (yes, brass!) are back in a big way for 2016. For a small splash of metal, look at fixtures, drawer pulls, mirrors, accent pieces and decorative drains, but if it is a larger metallic splash you seek, elect a copper tub or vessel sink.