Emergency Preparedness for Extreme Weather

No matter what the season, Lancaster County sees its fair share of extreme weather. With shifting temperatures in the spring and early summer, this time of the year seems to be one of the most volatile for extreme weather. Thunderstorms, hail and driving winds all can appear rather quickly, which is why it is important to be prepared just in case the power goes out.

J.K. Mechanical put together this handy info-graphic on extreme weather emergency essentials (see below). With these tips you can prepare your family and your home for any situation in any kind weather.

Tip #1: Standby Generator

A standby generator will help keep the most essential items running when the power goes out (refrigerator, freezer, cell phone charger, medical equipment, etc.). If you live in a neighborhood where your experience frequent and long power outages, a generator should be a top purchase consideration.

Tip #2: Adequate Food and Water

If there was a local disaster (ice storm, flood or tornado), would you have adequate food and water for your family? Make sure you store one gallon of water per person per day (3 days is recommended) and store enough non-perishable food (and a way to cook it – think camping) for your family, too.

Tip #3: Prepare Your Home

There are some things you can do around your house to prepare it against extreme weather. Check the roof, caulk windows and doors, insulate, keep gutters clean and bring your pets inside.

Remember, by taking the time to plan ahead, you can ensure the safety of your family.


Source: JKMechanical.com

 JK Mechanical - Emergency Weather Infographic