How to Choose the Right Exterior for Your New Custom Home

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So, you’re building a new custom home. How do you get the right look for the exterior, one that matches and/or complements the inside? What aspects should you think about?

Lucky for you, a handy guide to achieving the perfect custom home exterior is right here.

Considerations for Your Custom Home Exterior

Siding and Weather-Proofing

The right exterior siding will finish off your home’s look while providing protection from the elements at the same time.

Various types of siding exist, from brick and wood siding to fiber cement, stucco, and stone veneer. The right look for you will depend on your budget, style, and the type of house you have.

For a cost-effective option that will still add color to your exterior, vinyl siding is a good choice. For homes with more classic-looking architecture, however (such as Tudor or craftsman homes), you might want to choose brick or stone veneer.

Exterior Paint Colors

Don’t revert to a neutral color for your home’s exterior color. If you’re not choosing a natural material, the options are limitless for exterior siding shades.

Think about your home’s surrounding environment when choosing a color. Do you want your house to stand out, blend in, or reach a middle ground between the two?

For instance, if your house is surrounded by evergreens, if you want it to stand out, you should shy away from green in general. To really make it pop against the trees, consider going across the color wheel from emerald and choosing a complementary shade of rust or red. To stand out but not make a big statement, choose an analogous color, like soft yellow.


Your custom home landscaping plays a vital role in the overall look of your exterior. Think about it: a plain grassy lawn says nothing, but a lawn with perennial beds, a decorative fence, and a patio invite you in and suggest that the homeowners love being outdoors.

That said, match your landscaping to your lifestyle. If you’re low-maintenance, don’t choose plants and flowers that require a lot of upkeep. By the same token, if you have a classic-looking, stately house, a wild and modern garden will not look like it belongs there.

Architectural Details

The architectural details on your new custom home will be what set it apart from the other cookie-cutter houses on your street. These details will make it unique and let it shine.

For instance, beautiful trim can contrast with your home’s exterior siding or finish and set it off. On the other hand, a walkway paved with natural stone, tile, or brick can provide an elegant welcome for visitors. Decorative trim in specific areas (to set off a porch or highlight a front door) can add a touch of flair or whimsy.

Whatever details you decide to focus on, you can be sure that they will add a dose of personality to your new custom home.

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