May Home Checklist

They say April brings showers and May brings flowers.  Well, May has arrived which also means many more things are happening now or going to.  One is family and friend gathering outside for cookouts and more.
To make sure your home is ready for all those guests, put these on your checklist:
  • Decks:  seal, clean, repair, check bolts, and check any lighting that is attached.  Consider replacing or fixing any issues from the wood to the lights.
  • Plant annuals & perennials to add a bit of color around your home.
  • HVAC – clear any tall foliage or dirt buildup around the base and consider having a professional do a check-up on the freon and more.
  • Trim trees, bushes and shrubs.  Spring brings more growth to your trees, bushes and shrubs so take a moment to trim them back. By doing so wards off pests.
  • Outdoor Lights – Lights provide a level of safety and security for your home, so if the lights are no longer working, repair or replace them. Check the light bulbs by your front and back door, and don’t forget those ‘runway lights’ along walkways. Make sure none are broken or the bulbs aren’t burnt out.
Now that you have the outdoors in top shape, take a few minutes and do these tasks indoors.
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. This can never be done enough. Either replacing batteries or purchase new units.
  • Clean our the garbage disposal.  Here is an easy combination that most of us already have in our home: ice, baking soda and citrus rinds. Pour into garbage disposal and turn on. The ice keeps the blade sharp and the baking soda and rinds freshens it up.
  • Clean the range hood of grease and grime.
  • Check the pressure gauge on your  fire extinguisher.  If the needle is in the green, it’s still functional.  If not, then it is time to replace.  If you do not have a gauge, consider having a professional check it.  If your extinguisher is a non-rechargeable, retire your unit every 12 years.  For rechargeable, it is recommended you replace it every 6 years.