Mudrooms & Dropzones: Great Spaces for the Home

Mudrooms are the perfect way to ensure a clutter-free room. These rooms serve as a transition space where family members can keep purses, backpacks, electronics, footwear, wallets and keys, as well as other items they “grab-and-go” as they enter and leave home.

What are mudrooms and dropzones?

A mudroom is a space that is typically nestled inside an entrance of the home. The word “mudroom” refers to a dedicated space for removing muddy boots and wet clothes before entering the home. But today, these spaces can do so much more!

A dropzone, as a military term, refers to the designated area in which troops or supplies are “dropped” from the sky (via parachutes). Inside the home, a dropzone is a place where family members can “drop” their stuff upon entering the house. Just like a mudroom, ideally, it should be located near an entrance.

Remodeling your home to incorporate a mudroom/dropzone is becoming more of a necessity for busy families. The two biggest benefits include:

Adequate storage: While closets and entryways are traditional places where you’d store jackets, umbrellas and other items, these places are usually not spacious enough to accommodate everything. And they create clutter. Luckily, mudrooms/dropzone are an excellent way to make a dedicated space in your house where you can stash almost anything.

Less clutter: One place where everything can be hung and organized is ideal for a busy family. A mudroom/dropzone is where coats, hats, shoes, sports bags and backpacks can all be stored—instead of near the kitchen table or on the island, which creates an eyesore and unorganized mess.

sample mudroom build by Metzler Home Builders. shows shelving for coats, bags and jackets and storage shelves underneath

What does a good mudroom/dropzone include?

Mudrooms are flexible spaces intended to balance functionality alongside style. Consider the following features to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your mudroom/dropzone.

  • If space allows, the mudroom should be big enough to accommodate all family members and pets. You may even consider installing a pet bathing station.
  • Install plenty of hooks and cubbies to hang coats, jackets, gloves and other clothing used on a daily basis so you can easily grab it as you leave home.
  • Install benches for sitting while taking off shoes or organizing belongings.
  • Create a “landing counter” where you can place mail and packages, instead of piling them on the kitchen counter.
  • In this tech-savvy area, your mudroom/dropzone is a great spot for installing a charging station to plug in your mobile devices and other electronic gadgets. A dedicated spot like this helps to diminish the clutter in other spots in the home.
  • Consider hanging a “must not forget” wall peg board where you can store outgoing mail, bills, to-do lists and face masks.
  • Add a hamper to throw in socks or other dirty clothing that lay around your house, as well as damp clothes from swimming or a wet day playing outside.
  • Since these floors experience heavy traffic, select a durable floor. Tile or luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) are two excellent options.
  • Choose the color of the mudroom to complement the decor of the house.
  • Go for an (ideally classy) design that helps you organize the area.

Constructing a mudroom/dropzone

While mudrooms/dropzones are a practical addition to the home, they do not have to be unimaginative or sterile. With the help of a creative design and thorough planning, you can transform an underutilized space in your home into a stunning and functional mudroom/dropzone. As your contractor, we can provide you with the best design options and solutions. Contact us to talk.