Planning a Great Football Tailgate… At Home

Football season is just a few weeks away! For many of us in Lancaster County that means eating some food and watching the game with friends. Hosting a tailgating party at your house can be a lot of fun, so here are five great football tailgating ideas for you to use all season long!

      1. Set Up a Kids Tailgating Zone. Kids want to be a part of the fun, so at your next tailgating party, create a kids-only zone. Set up a few inflatable goal posts (or plastic cones) as a way of marking off the Kid Zone and give the kids their own table with finger-foods and snack they’ll like. Provide each of them with soft footballs so they can run around and practice their passing skills.

      2. Make It Pot-Luck. Don’t be the host that is stuck in the kitchen or manning the grill all game long. You can still host a great tailgating party and make it less demanding on you if it is a pot luck. To add to the fun, pick a tailgating menu theme, and let your guests know what they were “drafted” to bring, such as an appetizer, side or desert. Your guests will have fun determining want new dish to bring to the party.

      3. tailgate spread with assorted food and a go gators sign hanging on the front Show Support for the Team. Little touches, like a banner that supports your team, can really “class-up” the party and make it fun. (Image and idea from Oh My Goodness Gracious)


  1. Get Creative with Appetizers. There are so many fun, football-themed appetizers on Pinterest. If you have kids that like to help in the kitchen, many are very easy to do with them. Look for a few that you can do ahead of time, so you can enjoy the game and guests.

  2. two ladder golf stands with game balls hanging Friendly Competition. Keep the party interactive by setting up Cornhole or Ladder Ball in the backyard.