Protect Your Home from Rainstorm Damage

Summer is here, and the change of the season brings many severe thunderstorms to the Susquehanna Valley. They move in fast and furious and can often produce several inches of rain in a matter of minutes.

These rainstorms are also brutal on our homes, but there are steps you can take to minimize the potential damage:Metzler Blog: Protect Your Home from Rain Damage

  • Make sure the dirt around your home is graded away from your foundation. If you find places where water can pool, fill them. Water nestled against the foundation can cause major issues to your home.
  • Keep downspouts and gutters clear of debris. Also make sure that your downspouts are long enough that they don’t dispense water too close to your home’s foundation.
  • Check sump pumps regularly to make sure that they work properly. To do so, fill the sump well with water until it triggers the pump. Additionally, just like downspouts, make sure your sump pump pipe releases water far enough away from the home and that it is free of debris. Also, be sure your sump pump is not discharging into the septic or sewer pipes. This could result in a failed septic system or higher sewer costs.
  • After a rain, wind or hailstorm, check your roof for damage. If you suspect any damage, call a professional roofing company to inspect it.
  • If you frequently lose power, you may want to invest in a generator. These come in a wide range of types and costs. You can get a small one for just your sump pump, or you can invest in a larger generator that can keep a few items running, such as your refrigerator and cell phone chargers, until power is restored.