The Metzler Experience

Did you know that most of the team at Metzler Home Builders has been with the company for 20+ years? This fact, combined with the longstanding relationship with many of our sub-contractors, is one of the things that allows us to deliver a quality product and the consistent customer service you deserve!

metzler home builders team photo

See exactly how long our employees (and the bosses!) have been at Metzler Home Builders:

Dan Metzler – since 1973, 41 years

Janet Metzler – since 1981, 33 years

Jake Riehl – since 1986, 28 years

Tim Zehr – since 1988, 26 years

Harris (Skip) Butler – since 1989, 25 years

Barry Yoder – since 1993, 21 years

Mike Trout – since 1995, 19 years

Jordan Metzler – since 2011, 3 years