Design / Build

custom designed home exterior At Metzler Home Builders, our approach to your new home project is different than most builders. When you come to us, you are not limited to certain plans and options. We approach every home as truly custom, and you, the homeowner, are in control of the design and what you would like included in your new home.

We are a design/build company, which means you work with us through all the stages of development: concept, design, construction, and follow-up. Total project costs can be determined early in the process and are tightly managed through our design/build approach, which saves you money. We also save you time. More traditional methods of using an architect/designer for home design and sending those plans to builders for the bidding process take longer. Our custom process takes less time and is less prone to miscommunication.

Initial Home Design Meeting & Budget Discussion

When you contact us, we will schedule a time to meet with you for an initial design meeting and a review of the style of home you would like to build, including all amenities. We will also discuss costs, so your custom home can be designed within your budget. This design phase typically takes one of three avenues:

  • We may review house plans that are similar to the information you relay to us regarding the style of home and amenities you would like. At that point, you may find a design that will need only a few changes to make it into your perfect custom home.
  • You may look at those designs and decide that you like specific elements in different homes. We will then combine those into your custom home design.
  • You may have a design of your own, from a napkin sketch to detailed plans. We will work with you to turn these ideas into working plans for your custom home.

No matter which avenue, we adhere to the architectural style, integrity, flow, and functionality of the design.

New Home Cost Estimate & Detailed Specifications

Once a design is chosen and preliminary drawings are completed, a cost estimate is proposed. We will meet with you to review the preliminary drawings and cost estimate, which may include detailed specifications. During this review, the feasibility and cost of changes to specifications and design will be discussed.

Finalization of Construction Documents

After your specifications and cost estimate are approved and your home designs have been reviewed, we begin creating the final documents needed for the construction of your custom home. During this finalization process, any of the changes discussed in the review phase will be implemented. After the specifications and designs of your home are finished, you will meet with us for the final review and approval.

Your New Home Construction Begins

Next, construction begins. You will work with our project manager through this process. During construction, you have the opportunity to walk through your home and see your dream becoming reality. If there are changes that you want to make to continue the customization of your home, just contact your project manager. He will discuss the feasibility and cost of the changes you want to make. When changes are priced for your home, you only pay what it costs for the change. There are no hidden fees or change order fees added.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end after your home is finished. Your custom home is under warranty, and our service manager is available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Our goal at Metzler Home Builders is to make the process of building your custom home as enjoyable and uncomplicated as possible while turning your dream home into reality.