5 Master Closet Design Ideas That Pop

Your master suite is a sanctuary and you want the space inside to reflect that feeling. From the bedding you choose to a host of other amenities, there are a lot of ways to make your master suite a peaceful oasis. Your master closet is an extension of this relaxing environment, and by making the right choices, your master suite closet can become a focal point of the suite.

Here are five of the most popular design ideas in master suite closet design that can help you achieve this.

1. Interior Colors

The wood color that you choose for your closet’s interior will make a big impact, so it’s important to choose one that you like best. The most popular choices are dark, natural and white wood. Continue reading


Project Spotlight: Vibrant Custom Ranch Home with a Magnificent View

Glenn and Maureen lived out of state, but they visited Lancaster County often over the years and grew to love the area. They dreamt of someday relocating to this area and retiring here. That dream came true in 2019 when they made the move and had a custom ranch home built by Metzler Home Builders. When looking for a home in Lancaster County, they had specific design ideas in mind, especially in regards to elderly parents and handicap accessibility. When they couldn’t find that in an existing home, they opted to go the route of building a new home. This enabled them to design the flow of the home to meet their specific needs.  


Glenn and Maureen connected with a local realtor who helped find the perfect lot – one with beautiful farmland views for miles. The realtor also provided them a few options of builders to reach out to. After doing their research, they chose Metzler Home Builders. They loved the idea of working with a fourth-generation business, and one who would build exactly what they were looking for, not “a builder who modifies a handful of standard floor plans and calls it custom.”  Continue reading


Basic Is Better: The Versatility of Neutral Kitchen Colors

Neutral colors are often underrated, but they can be used in various ways and will never go out of style. When it comes to kitchen color, white is still the dominant option. It is always on the top of the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA’s) annual Design Trends Survey of the most popular kitchen color. However, there are plenty of other neutrals that can work well, too. This article will discuss the versatility of neutral kitchen colors and some of the best ways to use them!

But what if you want to add color to your kitchen? Here are a few ways you can easily add a pop of color to make your kitchen look fresh and fun.

New Window Treatments 

Replace neutral blinds and curtains with window treatments that are eye-catching and bright. Select a solid color that matches your kitchen decor, or if you’re feeling extra spicy, choose window treatments in a stylish, bold print. Continue reading


Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen remodel is a big undertaking so it’s important that you consider every detail along the way. Your kitchen backsplash probably won’t break the bank, but it has the potential to complement big-ticket items like your countertops and cabinets. Here are five things to consider when choosing a kitchen backsplash so it fits seamlessly into your beautifully designed space.

1. How Much Space Will Your Backsplash Cover?

When considering the design of the backsplash and selecting your backsplash materials, it’s best to approach it already knowing the area it will cover so you can make decisions that stay within your budget. Some materials, like a stone backsplash, are much more expensive than others, and they’re also harder to install—which makes it more labor-intensive (adding to the expense). Small, decorative tiles are also pricey, so while a lovely glass backsplash might make sense in a small space or as an accent, it may not be a practical choice financially to cover a large area. Continue reading


4 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

With the price of so many goods and services on the rise, here are a few simple ways to reduce your energy bill.  

 Check for air leaks. Drafty windows and doors can be a huge source of energy loss. Check each of your doors and windows for drafts, and if you feel them, purchase a weatherization kit at your local home improvement store. You can also buy heavy, insulated curtains. If the draftiness is too severe or it’s too dangerous to fix the leaks (such as your second-story windows), call a professional.  Continue reading


Project Spotlight: A Fabulous Finished Basement

Erick and Erica are second owners of a home built by Metzler Home Builders. They loved their home but desired additional living space and decided to pursue the idea of a finished basement. Their uniquely shaped lot and home layout provided allowed them to accomplish four things on their wish list for their basement: a library/game room, a playroom, a media room and storage space. They also wanted to incorporate into the space a bathroom, a wet bar and a Murphy bed. 

Tim Zehr drew up a plan for the basement, which included all the desired items. Erick and Erica were impressed with the plan and the proposal and felt like they were getting the best “bang for the buck” in having Metzler’s undertake the project. They were willing to pay for the quality they expected to have in the finished product.   Continue reading


Get-Your-Home-Sparkling Spring Home Checklist

The first official day of spring is March 20, and with winter in our rear-view mirror, March is a great month to ready your home for sunnier days and warmer weather. Here are a few projects to include in your Spring Home Checklist. Get a jump start on them now, so you may fully enjoy the spring days ahead. 


Spring is the perfect time to clean your home thoroughly, but you can’t forget about those pesky spots. The tops of cabinets and under appliances are often overlooked in between deep cleans. If it’s been a while since you took care of these hard-to-reach areas, now would be a great time to dust or vacuum them out so they’re ready for summer.  Continue reading


Project Spotlight: A Truly Custom “Forever” Home

Derek and Sarah have always dreamt of building a new home. After moving to Lancaster County and experiencing an unsuccessful home search, they decided it was time to pursue that dream.  They had certain requirements for their “forever” home and hadn’t been able to find a home that met their needs within their price range.  They thought building a new home was not financially possible.  After looking into it further, they found that building a new home was more cost-effective than buying a house that was on the market and having to make repairs and improvements to make it work for their family. 


A realtor that was working with Derek and Sarah referred them to Metzler Home Builders.  After an initial consultation with Jordan Metzler, they visited a house that Metzler’s had in the Parade of Homes and saw the attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.  That helped “seal the deal” and they decided to move ahead with plans to build.  Continue reading


Gorgeous & Functional Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is not just for preparing meals. Some of the fondest family moments occur in this room as you try a new recipe or share a plate with your loved ones. The kitchen is also an expression of your lifestyle. Cabinets, countertops, and floorplan designs reflect your style and personality. The good news is you can create a gorgeous and functional kitchen—one of your dreams—regardless of its size. Here are some ideas to consider before you meet with any remodeling firm about a kitchen remodeling project.

Pick a Neutral Color

Neutrals are so versatile, and a neutral kitchen can be the perfect canvas to personalize your space, with colorful rugs, glassware, drawer pulls, fixtures and more. Continue reading


Project Spotlight: A Haven for Outdoor Living Lovers

Michael and Sharon are outdoor-loving people. They enjoy entertaining family and friends, grilling or just relaxing outside listening to music. They purchased a home several years ago that Metzler Home Builders had built just a few years before that. The original back porch was not adequate for their entertaining needs. They decided to add an outdoor living area with a covered patio and wanted it to look like it was built with the original home. Since they were from out of the area, they weren’t familiar with Metzler’s. They knew they had a quality-built home, though, and since Metzler’s had the blueprints and specifics of the original materials used in construction, it was an easy decision on who to use for their patio project. Tim Zehr, the Senior Designer/Estimator, created CADD drawings of the existing home with the new covered patio. Michael and Sharon were able to make changes to the CADD drawing to suit their taste and budget before the project began.  Continue reading