The Guide to Trending Kitchen Countertops: Is Granite Still King?

Guide to Trending Kitchen Countertops: Is Granite Still King?

The votes are in. For 2017, designers, tastemakers, and experts will advise you to look beyond granite and instead opt for its newer, cooler cousin: quartz.

For years, granite has reigned supreme as the be-all, end-all for kitchen countertops. It is beautiful, scratch and heat-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain, after all.

However, this tried-and-true stone is seeing competition. Learn about why quartz is the hot, new option place, plus some other kitchen design trends you might want to consider besides granite or quartz for your countertops.

Goodbye Granite, Hello Quartz: The Newest Kitchen Design Trend

So, why is quartz usurping granite for most-loved countertop material? The main reason is durability.

Quartz beats both granite and marble in this area (although the latter two have been the most popular high-end manufactured stones used in the kitchen for years).

Not only is quartz naturally stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant, it also doesn’t need to be sealed, unlike granite and marble, which require periodic re-sealing to maintain their integrity. On top of these pluses, quartz is also unaffected by acidic foods, which can wear down the finish on other surfaces.

As far as affordability, quartz falls squarely between granite and marble on the price scale (marble is more expensive, granite is slightly less expensive).

Finally, quartz has become more appealing to the eye in recent years due to new manufacturing techniques. All of the above facets make quartz a shoe-in for the kitchen.

More Trends to Watch: Alternatives to Granite or Quartz for Kitchen Countertops

Love the look of natural stone for your kitchen remodel, but don’t have the budget for them? Try any of these alternative kitchen countertop trends.

Butcher Block

No matter the type of kitchen design you have, butcher block will look classic and timeless. If you are wary because you think this type of counter would be high-maintenance, worry not— scratches can be sanded out easily and sealed with mineral oil.


Although countertops made of concrete will need regular sealing, they are a modern option that will be durable in your kitchen. Plus, they can be customized for special configurations, and even have special materials, like seashells or stones, embedded in the surface.

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops can emulate natural stone surfaces and don’t require sealing. While they are not impervious to scratches or heat, they are a low-cost way to get a high-end look.

Modern Laminate

Modern laminate countertops outdo the laminate of the past by leaps and bounds. New versions are far more durable, successfully mimic the look of natural stone, and require little maintenance and no sealing.

For your home, the right kitchen countertops will provide the look you want and the amount of durability you need. Look to kitchen trends for fresh ideas, whether you want something timeless or totally unique.

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