Barn Doors Galore

Barn doors have been trending for several years now, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. They are functional, fun and add aesthetic appeal to many spaces throughout the home. There is an endless variety of styles, making them practical for almost any home. They can be crafted from a variety of materials depending on the look you desire. For a rustic look, they can be made from reclaimed wood or if a more modern style is what you want, black matte metal and glass pair well together.

Barn doors are especially popular for closets, pantries, master bathrooms and laundries. But according to Pro Remodeler, “In addition to their powerful visual appeal, barn doors can also be an effective way to partition open spaces. Many homes today have two larger rooms, such as the kitchen and family room, connected by a wide opening. While a barn door added to such spaces will likely stay open more often than not, it can act as the perfect feature to suggest spatial separation.”

Check out these photos of barn doors we’ve installed in some of our custom homes in recent years!