Creative Kitchen Clutter Hacks

If you are looking for some quick solutions to tidying up common kitchen clutter, we have a few hacks for you. The beauty behind these hacks is Creative Kitchen Clutter Hacks that you are using fairly inexpensive products—some not typically found in the kitchen—to create the solutions.

  1. Towel Shelf: While these shelves are often found in the bathroom, they can also be the perfect solution for kitchen clutter; simply mount the shelf on an open wall to give your kitchen additional storage. The top shelf can store those bulky, yet often used pots, pans or colanders, and the rack below is the ideal place to hang hand towels.
  2. Towel Bar: A bathroom towel bar can also create additional storage options in your kitchen. Instead of hanging your wet hand towels on the oven handle or over the cabinet door, install a long towel bar on the side of your island or a small circular towel bar on the edge of a top cabinet, near the sink. Either addition will keep the towel handy and your kitchen looking less cluttered.
  3. Robe Hook: Install a robe hook to keep your oven mitts and pot holders handy.

Note: With all of these kitchen hack ideas, be sure to keep the towels, oven mitts and other flammable items away from the stovetop. Source: Moen Home Hacks

Here are a few more:

  1. Lazy Susan: Lazy Susans make great use of a corner because you can put a lot of items in a confined, often unusable space. Set the Lazy Susan on the counter and place jars of spices and other frequently used cooking items on top, or mount the Lazy Susan underneath a cabinet, add hooks and hang your large utensils.
  2. Curtain Rods: Mount curtain rods on the inside of your under-sink cabinet and use those to hang your trash bag rolls for easy access.