Home Safety Reminders for the Summer

home sweet home written on blackboard next to a small potted houseplant

Summer is just around the corner, and unfortunately, this is the time of year when accidents around the home increase. Here are a few friendly safety reminders so you can have fun all summer long.

Water Safety – It only takes an inch of water for a child to drown. While the common areas to focus on water safety are pools and spas, other places in your yard need to also be considered: water features, wading pools and utility buckets can accumulate many inches of rainwater after storms. Keep a close eye on young children playing around these areas.

Fall Prevention – Children and pets can lean against a window screen, pop it out and fall.  Make sure upper windows are not opened more than three inches, or install a window guard.

Campfire Safety – Who doesn’t love the fire pits, hearths and other amazing outdoor heating features that are available – and quite affordable? They are a great spot to gather during a summer evening. Remember to keep children and pets at a safe distance so they don’t accidentally get burned, and position furniture far enough away so it doesn’t get too hot and possibly melt.

Grill Safety – Ensure your grill is far enough away from the side of your home or deck so that it doesn’t melt anything around it. If you grill with charcoal, make sure your coals are extinguished and cold to the touch before you dispose of them.

Vacation Safety – Summer is a great time to get out of town, but it also a time when burglars target homes.  Be sure to add securing your home to your “vacation to-do” list. Have your mail held (or have a neighbor pick up), set your lights on timers, pick up the hidden spare key (give it to a trusted neighbor instead) and don’t broadcast that you are away on social media. If you do want to post your vacation experience on social media, select a few people you can trust and set up a specific list or group where you can share tales and photos.

Taking these extra safety measures will help keep your family, and property, safe all summer long.